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Lip brushes are something that has to be in every girl’s handbag. Quite popular among the youth to go to for chapped lips, lip brushes have become a necessity for every girl now. With the addition of color and flavor, they have transitioned from the boring petroleum jellies for the best. With so many colors, flavors you keep choosing the best one!

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Preference wise categorization of lip brushes

Based on different skin types, preferences, and options available; there are a plethora of varieties available while choosing the perfect fitting lip balm for your lips. There are one for each, dry lips, chipped lips, dark pigmented lips. In addition to this, there is one even for the darkened lips due to smoking. Preferences also go with the handling of the product, like travel friendly, outdoor, indoor, student-friendly, etc. 

The aspects of essence and theme 

You can find any flavor of lip balm you want, from beeswax to cola! The rich flavor of Maybelline New York, Vaseline, or Lakme rich crème glides on the lips and forms a rich texture that resembles a lipstick highly. The essence can be based on any theme, like the Maybelline series based on fruits, the Lakme series based on color, Vaseline series based on oils. Themes can be a source of attraction among the women who want to buy the products as themes are based on the essence. Another important categorization that has come up recently is organic lip brushes. 

Features of the product

Lip brushes are mainly meant to moisturize the lips and give a wholesome look too dull and dry lips. Now, there are products that not only moisturize but hydrate, exfoliate, nourish, protect from the sun; which means they are UV protecting. Overall, using a lip balm keeps your lips healthy and soft. 

Additional important features

For the woke and aware, there are natural organic lip brushes, animal cruelty-free lip brushes, as well as vegan lip brushes. These lip brushes provide a 100% assure of the title they are promising and are for the aware ladies out there who want to make a difference with the small things they do.

Categories Simillar to Lip Brushes

Categories Simillar to Lip Brushes includes Compact Mirrors, Make-up Brush Sets