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Lips seals are essential protective gear for any industry involving bearing. They protect the lubricated parts in motion in a bearing mechanism by eliminating lubricant loss and keeping it from contamination. This guide will help you choose the ideal lip seal to ensure your equipment stay healthy and smooth for longer.

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Lip seals are used in rotary elements like valve stems and hydraulic pumps that undergo frequent movement and are exposed to dirt and grit environments. Lip seals are not a durable tool, and they have to be replaced every now and then. However, their relevance is paramount.

Ensuring the right fit

The foremost factor to consider while looking for lip seals is their fit. How it fits your bearing makes all the difference when it comes to the protective element. Even inaccurately installed deals can leak even from the very first usage. Thus choosing and installing the equipment cautiously is of paramount importance when it comes to rotary devices.

Features in check

When looking for lip seals, some specifications need to be understood. Many lip seals can only work under low pressure. If your application demands high pressure, you may have to look for lip seals with an increased pressure threshold. Likewise, the operating temperature must also be considered. The shaft speed is another critical element. The maximum speed the seal can withstand is vital in avoiding any abrasion or malfunction.

The role of materials

The materials lip seals are made of play a crucial role in their application. Factors like the lubricant and machine in use and the operating temperature must be compatible with the seal lip. Nitrile is the most widely used material for making lip seals and is very affordable. It can function in temperatures from -40 degrees F to 275 degrees F. They resist water, hydraulic oils and petroleum oils. Viton is another budget-friendly option. They can withstand temperature levels from -40 degrees F to 400 degrees F. They can be used with transmission fluid, gasoline and petroleum oils.

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