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The skin on lips is different, more sensitive and thin than that on the rest of our body. Lips require special attention and care to remain protected from the collagen damaging sun-rays. Choosing a lip sunscreen with wrong ingredients and SPF can worsen the lip condition, necessitating some extra guidance.

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Lip Sunscreens Buying Guide

Sunscreen application has become a prerequisite for people before stepping out of the house. People have been doing this because they want to protect their skin from drying out and getting harmed by UV rays. One thing that usually does not cross people’s minds is that lips are part of our skin and need the same if not more protection in the sun. Lip sunscreens make up for all the time lips were left out of people’s skincare routine by providing them protection, moisture and glam.

How much SPF is enough SPF?

SPF or sun protection factor is the degree of measurement of how well a sunscreen can protect the skin from harmful UVB rays. Different products come with different SPF values that can go above 100. The buyer should look for a product with at least 30 SPF that offers protection from dryness, damage, and UV rays.

Do’s and don’ts of a perfect product.

Most lip products leave behind a greasy residual layer on the lips after application. This mostly happens when multiple layers are applied. To avoid this, the buyer must look for a product that lasts for 18-24 hours, saving product wastage and hassle.

Best quality ingredients for best lips.

It is essential that the buyers check the product description to know about its ingredients. Some emulsifiers and preservatives can cause skin allergies, so it is recommended to confirm beforehand. Also, some products with fragrance and unnatural colours can dry out the lips. If the buyer has ultra-sensitive and dry lips, they should go for a fragrance-free, untinted lip sunscreen.

Consistency and absorption

It is imperative that the sunscreen has a high absorption rate because swallowing might cause stomach trouble in some buyers. The product should also have a non-sticky and consistent formulation that does not make the buyer feel like the sunscreen is too thick or too runny and causes discomfort.

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