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Feeding the wild birds in your backyard or garden takes immense responsibility in being conscious, hygienic and persistent. And providing them with live mealworms can take a little more effort than seeds, nuts or even dried mealworms. But it is worth it as they make an exceptional meal for your feathered friends. If you want to provide your garden birds with a good protein source like live mealworms and are clueless about how to proceed, you have come to the right place.

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Live Mealworms Buying Guide

Unlike popular belief, mealworms are not really worms. They are the larval form of tenebrio, a genus of the darkling beetles. Thus they are much cleaner to handle than regular worm species squirming in mud, making it more convenient than you imagine. Before buying them, one must make sure that they have a housing set up for the worms to sustain. A dish with sides and cover along with a small open window to feed the worms is enough for beginners to work with.

Why feed live mealworms?

Bird enthusiasts often feel it unnecessary to feed live mealworms to their favourite birds as dried mealworms are already available. Although you can omit to handle wiggly live worms as per your preference, it is often desirable to give it a go. Most people get comfortable with handling live mealworms within a short period. These larval forms are an excellent source of protein, around 50%, and moisture, which crucial for birds, especially the young ones. With the growing habitat loss, birds find it difficult to prey on worms, and this feed can be an excellent supplement for them.

Other desirable outcomes

Live mealworms are especially helpful for birds to survive winter and harsh weather conditions when natural food sources would be limited. They also aid in reproduction, thereby ensuring the survival of the species in the long run. Many a time, bird enthusiasts use live mealworms to treble the bird population in their gardens. Live mealworms also attract many insect-eating birds like nuthatches, wrens, thrushes, bluebirds, chickadees etc., that usually do not come around in residential areas.

How to buy?

You can buy fresh mealworms directly from a farm in preferred measurements and keep them in your house for many weeks, provided that you provide them with favourable conditions to sustain. You can also order them online in bulk. If the shipment takes a few days, you must ensure that the sellers are careful with their packing to avoid spoilage. Packages with ice packs or heat packs, depending on the region's temperature levels, are excellent for keeping the worms alive and well and preventing metamorphosis.

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