Top 12 Loading Dock Bumpers

In the busy car parks, through-ways, warehouses etc., minor bumps & scratches on the walls are bound to happen. While parking the car, due to poor judgement, the driver may slightly bang the vehicle against the wall corners. However, it may not lead to any significant damage to the car or the wall, but a little bump or scratch also can damage the aesthetic look. Loading dock bumpers are specially designed products to safeguard against such cosmetic damages.

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Loading Dock Bumpers Buying Guide

Loading dock bumpers are made of rubber material, owing to which these products have an excellent shock-absorbing capacity. They are available in bright yellow & black colours for enhancing the visibility of the corner spaces. There are many variants available in different shapes & sizes that serve different needs.

Bullnose loading dock bumpers

There are nose-shaped loading dock bumpers that can be fitted on the wall corners to prevent any chips & damages. These variants are perfectly suited for warehouses or underground car parking in malls because at these places, even after ensuring proper lighting, the corner areas are poorly visible & prone to damage. In garages, there is a lot of movement of vehicles. These vehicles need to be precisely parked at accurate locations for repair. Hence, the adjoining walls often get banging or scratch. Therefore, to address this issue, there are rubber strips available that can be wall-mounted.

Rubber wall guards

When there is heavy movement of lorries & loading & unloading is done, walls at the dock location are vulnerable to disfigure. Therefore, heavy-duty safeguards are required at such spots. There are loading dock buffers that are heavily cushioned to absorb the impact of any collusion. These buffers are ergonomic enough to support easy fixing. It is advisable to use several buffers to ensure that the aesthetics of the place is maintained.

Crash protection guards

There are standalone bumper guards which can be kept in the corners. These pieces of equipment are portable & hence do not need any installation. You can use these as a decent protective solution instead of getting any wall-mounts. However, they serve more as a temporary fix.