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Whether you’re preparing the perfect gift or treating yourself to one, loose gemstones and diamonds are always one of the top choices. Since they are easily customisable, everybody loves to own one. However, there are numerous factors one should be aware of before purchasing a loose gemstone or a diamond.

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Loose Gemstones & Diamonds Buying Guide

Widely used as a personal adornment, gemstones and diamonds have quite an enriched history. While diamonds bring out the luxuriousness and elegant nature of a woman, coloured gemstones reflect a woman’s uniquely-tailored personality. Beauty, rarity, and durability are the three essential factors every buyer looks at before purchasing a loose gemstone or a diamond. The following buying guide aims to offer a diversified look into the various aspects of buying gems, ensuring the gem’s quality and its budget-friendliness.

Determining The Quality Of Gemstones And Diamonds

The common factors determining the quality of both gemstones and diamonds are carat, cut, and clarity. The weight of the stone gets determined by its carat. For diamonds, the higher the carat, the more expensive it is. However, for gemstones, the price doesn’t need to increase with the carat weight. Clarity refers to the incredibly tiny imperfections or inclusions that one can usually see through a microscope. It may look like the flawless stone is the perfect one to buy, but a few gemstones like tanzanite have characteristic inclusions to make them look distinctly unique.

Checking The Shape And Sizes

After ensuring the quality of the stone, one should find the right size. The primary purpose of buying loose gemstones and diamonds is to customise them according to personal preferences easily. Here, one can also find handcrafted gems, specifically designed for home décor purposes. While picking the shape of a gemstone, one can select from a wide variety- round, princess, oval, ring, emerald, cushion, or pear-cut. The cut of a diamond is its arrangement and proportion of facets; it mainly shows the brilliance and high quality of the maker’s craft.

Additional Factors To Look At

While buying gemstones, one can also select one based on their birth dates. Even though it’s old-fashioned, it’s purely for one’s satisfaction. Another essential factor to consider is a stone’s durability, which depends on its hardness and toughness. The leading manufacturing companies also offer certifications to ensure the quality and build of their diamonds.

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