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While travelling, carrying your luggage is a struggle itself. However, moving around with your bags will become much easier if you have the right luggage strap. A strap eliminates the risk of the content getting out of your bag. With an umpteenth number of luggage straps on the market, choosing the best one becomes difficult.

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Luggage Straps Buying Guide

Luggage straps may not seem like a travelling essential, but they come in handy in emergencies. They provide you comfort while carrying your bags and keep your luggage secure. These straps are also beneficial when your bag's zipper breaks as they keep the bag closed tightly and ensure that things inside remain intact. Moreover, luggage straps improve the security of your luggage and guarantee that your belongings stay safe during the trip. But so many brands are offering luggage straps with different materials and qualities. This buying guide aims to help you buy the best luggage strap for your bags and luggage. 

Features to consider

Every luggage strap comes with different features that make them unique and better than others. It allows you to pack more content in a single suitcase with no risk of any damage to your belongings. Make sure that the strap you select is comfortable to hold even with heavy bags. 

Some brands offer straps suitable for camping, caravanning, and travelling, while others may only work for one. A luggage strap that can fit any size of a bag is an ideal option as you can carry any bag you want while travelling. If you buy a colourful luggage strap, it will be easier for you to spot the suitcase when you arrive at your destination. 

Additional security features 

Luggage straps ensure the safety of your bags by keeping them locked tightly. So, you must go for the one that has as many additional security features as it can. Some straps have water-resistant material that makes them an excellent choice in unfavourable weather conditions. A padlock will ensure better protection of your bags as no one will be able to unlock them without your permission. Remember to choose a TSA-approved luggage strap; so you don't face any issues while boarding the plane with your luggage. 

Material durability is necessary

Whichever luggage strap you buy, it must have robust and durable material to protect your suitcases. The buckle and the band should have high-quality material that does not break or slip from your hand even while carrying heavy bags. The clasp should be able to endure the rough handling when your bags are in transit.  

What type of bags you have?

Luggage straps work differently, depending on the type of suitcase you are carrying. Bags made from soft fabrics need a luggage strap to ensure they remain locked during transportation. On the other hand, hard suitcases require a luggage strap to eliminate the possibility of their closure getting released. 

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