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Whether you are deciding on a look for a special occasion or even a day out with friends or family – makeup is the perfect way to spruce it up. But for flawless application, it is essential to apply makeup step by step using the right products and brushes. You can put on a concealer, foundation, and even a setting powder with the same beauty sponge or tool but using a specific brush for each product makes a noticeable difference. Every makeup artist and lover – beginner or expert, should consider investing in a set of makeup brushes.

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Make-up Brush Sets Buying Guide

Looking at a makeup brush set, at first, you might not be able to tell some of them apart or identify which one is used for what as the difference lies in the details. So, the first thing one needs to do is read and understand each brush's application if not already familiar with it. There is a specific makeup brush for everything from base products such as primers and foundation to precision brushes for highlighter and eyeshadow – and although you can the brushes individually, a set is more pocket-friendly. However, there are several features one should review first.

How Many Makeup Brushes Do You Really Need?

All makeup brush sets do not have the same number of brushes, and while one has only five, others have twenty. The average full-face makeup brush set includes somewhere between fifteen to twenty brushes, and it is better suited for professionals and artists or someone who uses all makeup products. On the other hand, some sets include the essential brushes you can use to create a subtle, everyday look. Similarly, buyers can also buy eye-makeup brush sets if preferred. So, the number of brushes an individual needs ultimately depends on the products, technique, and look they want to create.

Go with High-Quality Brushes

No matter how many brushes you use to achieve the perfect makeup look, if the brushes' quality isn't good, it can affect the result. Makeup brushes are made with natural and synthetic fibres, but the latter is always a better choice for precise application. Regardless, buyers should ensure the brushes are made with soft and dense bristles that provide a high-definition application and finish with both liquid and powdered cosmetics. Similarly, the brush should not shed or absorb the product, and the bristles must be hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, and suitable for sensitive skin.  

Other Essential Features to Look for

Apart from the brush's bristles, buyers should make sure the handle is also superior in quality for prolonged use and durability. It is better to go for brushes with lightweight ferrules (aluminium or steel) and a non-slip and easy-grip handle suitable for longer working hours. Since makeup brushes get dirty rather quickly, it is essential to choose a set with brushes that can be washed without losing shape or quality. Some makeup brush sets come with a portable bag or pouch to neatly store the tools and carry them wherever you want – which is something one can consider.

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