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Getting a manicure and pedicure is a great way to relax. No matter what your gender is, everyone loves a good cosmetic treatment on their hands and feet. Based on a few factors, the perfect manicure and pedicure set can be purchased.

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Manicure & Pedicure Sets Buying Guide

What better way to de-stress after a tiring week than to get a pedicure and manicure? No matter whether you are a professional or you like to do it yourself, a proper manicure and pedicure set is necessary. Consider a few aspects to buy the most appropriate kit.

What are its functions?

Some sets focus on nails only. Yet, a manicure and pedicure demand more than just trimming nails. Check the instruments the set comes with. Will it function fully? You want proper tools for hand and foot care. Don't forget to check if all the instruments are intricately made!

How skilled are you?

Are you a professional? Some kits comprise quite complicated tools that you neither can nor should operate. It might be tempting to buy, let's say, a toenail corrector. But are you sure you know how to use it? You might be better off visiting a specialist. If your skills are advanced, you can conversely look for a set with all the instruments you need.

Will it last?

You want the kit to last as long as possible. Some nail kits are made with utmost care and go through the processes of corrosion, polishing, hardening and plating to make the instruments efficient and durable. Materials like stainless steel of good quality make the kit resilient and give a smooth cutting experience; the blades stay sharp for a longer time. You want strong tools; what if your nails are thick? Can the tools ward off corrosion and minimise risks of infection?

Portability of the set

Buying a compact-sized kit helps. It takes up less space at home, and you can travel with it. Some come with well-made cases made of leather and other materials. Examine the case and see if it's high-quality and durable enough. The set should be lightweight as well.

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