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From professional artists to ordinary individuals, everybody uses markers and highlighters regularly. These colourful pens are one of the niftiest writing and art materials you can use to create artwork or make your notes look appealing. The wide range of markers and highlighters available in stores can sometimes make it tricky to choose a particular one.

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Markers & Highlighters Buying Guide

Markers and highlighters form an integral part of a student's stationery supplies. Artists, illustrators, and designers make use of high-quality markers for their day-to-day projects. Teachers require whiteboard markers to make concepts easier for their students. And if you're a student who likes to keep his/her notes neat and organised, highlighters are just the perfect tools for you. The following buying guide focuses on the wide variety of factors one might need to consider before purchasing markers and highlighters.

An enormous assortment of colours!

The number of choices available is almost limitless when picking a colour set of markers or highlighters. As a buyer, one can find a pack of either single-colour or multiple-colour markers or highlighters. You can also choose between standard colour set markers or metallic ones. The metallic marker pens have a thick, buttery kind of structure, with high metallic pigment content. They have a more excellent shine than the standard colours and are ideal for use on wood, metal, stretched canvas, etc.

Alcohol-based Vs. water-based markers

The dye in markers usually gets suspended either in alcohol or water. This difference can make a significant impact on the marker's performance and permanence. Alcohol-based markers can dry up quickly and are somewhat permanent. Due to their transparency, alcohol-based markers can blend smoothly; one can even layer the colours without causing too much damage to the paper. Water-based markers are cheaper and don't have a particular chemical odour in contrast to the alcohol-based alternatives. Their acid-free nature makes them ideal for kids.

Marker and highlighter pen tips

Both markers and highlighters have different sizing guides. Chisel tips are common for both markers and highlighters; their broad, flat side is ideal for making thick stores, while the pointy side helps make thin strokes. Brush-tip markers are the most versatile ones when it comes to creating variable-width strokes. Both of these tips are also perfect for doing calligraphy. For highly-detailed work, one can use fine-tip markers. Bullet-tip highlighters have a round shape that is best suited for circling or underlining information. Window-tip highlighters have a small window to let you see the text that you're highlighting.

A few other factors to consider

You can also find double-ended markers (mostly featuring brush and chisel tips at either end) in stationeries. Similarly, in a highlighter pen, you can find dual tips at the same end. These types of tips allow you to switch between two colours without having to grab another pen. The ideal highlighters come with no-bleed/smudge properties, which makes highlighting simple and easy.

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