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Post-op bras help cope with the changes that follow mastectomy procedures and also bring in some comfort. Mastectomy bras are specifically designed to make women feel as complete as before the surgery. Evidently, some thought needs to go into buying these bras. This includes deliberation on the size, feel, and style pondered upon in this guide.

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Mastectomy Bras Buying Guide

Mastectomy procedures can have an overwhelming effect owing to the changes women experience in their bodies post-surgery. However, the removal of breast tissues should not compromise what women want to wear. These post-op bras replicate the feel of regular bras but expand on their specific service to women who have had been operated on to fight cancer. This brief guide will explore the minute tit-bits of knowledge that should help pick the best fitting mastectomy bra.

Bras for all sizes

Women have been known to mess up bra sizes for the lack of enough information and size guides. Mastectomy further complicates the identification of suites size because a woman ends up rethinking the regular size that she used to wear before undergoing the operation. Hence, it would help if you opted for a trial-and-error process to ensure that your breasts fit perfectly into the cups and the straps are thick enough to offer extra support.

The key is in the fabric

If you are right out of the surgery, you would need breathable and soft fabric to rescue you from the discomfort of wires and synthetic material that rubs right onto the skin. To avoid any sense of irritation and allow healthy healing, you should look for cotton fabric mastectomy bras. Compare and contrast the quality of the cotton and narrow it down to what would bring your breasts the best.

Space for inserts

All mastectomy bras come with pockets to fit in inserts and prosthesis. However, depending on the breast size, some of these bras offer more space than others to fit in convenient padding. This space that extends customisation of the pad size you would want to opt for further allows more flexibility to the kind of shape that the same bra can produce. Additionally, post the surgery, the breast area is in a healing stage, which eliminates the possibility of using pads. However, available pockets only ensure that post the healing process, you can get back to padded inserts of your choice.

Gentle factors to consider

The wider the straps and the inseam, the better. Look out for under-bands that stretch easier than regular bras. Mastectomy bras also sport underwired option, allowing women to make their own choice. If you love underwire fittings, you should check for a gentle fitting that adds to the stability of the breast weight.

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