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Construction sites, factories, and warehouses are all places with heavy machinery, tools, and other hardware. Not using such appliances correctly or without caution can be fatal to workers, making it essential for employers/owners to invest in some equipment. Since most labour injuries are caused by carrying or moving heavy objects and materials by hand, investing in material lifts is the way to go. Material lifts can serve many purposes and come in several variations, making it an excellent choice for everyone.

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Material Lifts Buying Guide

Besides protecting workers, material lifts also play a significant role in keeping your goods and products safe during transportation. All you need to do is place the object on the platform, and the material lift takes care of the rest. Another reason why material lifts are considered a worthy investment is that they help save both time and effort, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency. Increased productivity equals more revenue, which is the ultimate goal. However, buying material lifts requires some technical assessment and this guide will help buyers do so.

Types of Material Lifts

Material lifts are available in several options, and buyers need to figure out which one is most suitable for them. One common variation is the vertical lifter, which is designed to lift items similar to drums and is commonly used in chemical industries, shipment, and mining. On the other hand, lifters that use hooks are convenient, practical, and are used for engineering machines like those for construction. Material lifts that look like mini-cranes can be easily moved around and offer wide application, including domestic use. 

Built to Last Construction

No matter which kind of material lift you choose, ensuring it has high-quality construction is essential. A hardened and high-performance steel structure with durable wires is a must for safe handling and heavy-duty lifting. The material lift should be made with premium quality parts – and must have an additional surface coating like galvanised iron or a powder-coat finish for corrosion resistance and extra protection against the weather. Overall, the material shift should be sturdy, durable, and built to last.

What Else Must Buyers Consider?

If you are buying a vertical material lift, it is crucial to choose one with an adjustable width to fix materials of different sizes quickly. The presence of handles is also vital for safety and easy operation. Similarly, a hook material lift should have a comfortable grip design to prevent slipping and reduce accidents. A crane material lift must have an extendable lifting arm and sturdy wheels. However, it is best to check the load/weight capacity of all types of material lifts beforehand. Also, some brands offer included accessories required for assembly or installation – something buyers can consider.