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Pregnancy is a life-changing experience. Why not look good while carrying your baby? Luckily, you don't need to wear frumpy maternity clothing anymore. It is perfectly possible to both look fashionable and be comfortable at the same time. Check a few practical aspects while shopping for maternity clothing.

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Maternity Clothing Buying Guide

Pregnancy is an experience like no other. It is life-changing, joyful, and tough. You suddenly find yourself adhering to rules and precautions for the sake of your unborn child. Coping with a changing body is hard as well. Watching your bump grow makes most mothers happy; let your pride and happiness reflect in your fashion. The old days are over. Maternity clothing need not be ugly and frumpy; looking like the gorgeous pregnant Instagram model on your feed is not an unachievable dream. It is perfectly possible to be a fashionable pregnant woman. However, keep certain practical aspects in mind as well.

The size issue

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to measurements for maternity clothing. Everyone's pregnancy progresses differently. Just because buying bigger clothes worked for your neighbour when she was pregnant does not at all guarantee that it will be the same for you; you just might be left with oversized clothes that never fit well. It is not possible to predict how your pregnancy will progress or how your body will change. Hence, choose your own size. Go with what fits and feels good.

Accommodating your bump

Your bump is going to change and grow throughout your months of pregnancy. You surely can't buy new maternity clothing every time your bump grows slightly. Look for ruching in clothes; they will grow with and embrace the size of your bump. Get tops with gathers on the side. Do not forget to consider the length of the top; as your bump grows, it will get shorter. Bottoms with adjustable, stretchy waistbands are helpful.

Look for basics

It might sound repetitive, but buying essentials really will help you with your maternity shopping. You can always change your look with different accessories. A pair of maternity jeans is quite necessary to see you through your pregnancy; look for other bottoms like leggings too.  Get comfortable tees and tops. A cute sundress or LBD will make you look chic instantly; maxi dresses are a great option as well.

Don't forget about the weather

Nine months is a long time; you will go through many different seasons. Take the changing weather into account and choose your maternity clothing. Check the fabrics accordingly. Plan and build your wardrobe for the entire journey.