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Pregnancy comes with its fair share of trials and tribulations, making rest and relaxation essential for every to-be mom – and nothing screams comfort like maternity clothing. Back in the day, women had to make do without over-sized, baggy, and unflattering dresses, but there are many options to choose from today. Even though you can purchase anything from jeans to tee-shirts, a maternity hoodie is a go-to choice for most. Better yet, you can use the hoodie post-birth for nursing your baby.

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Maternity Hoodies Buying Guide

If you are a first-time parent, you are probably wondering if you really need maternity clothes or a hoodie. To answer the question, it isn’t necessary, but it is definitely recommended as wearing tight clothing can be uncomfortable and cause some minor pain. Maternity hoodies are a better alternative to dresses and tops as they can be worn indoors and outdoors while keeping you warm. Moreover, most hoodies are designed to be used for nursing, later on, so you don’t have to worry about it going to waste. However, it is essential to consider some features first.

Choose Premium Quality Fabric

When it comes to buying clothes, one should only choose the best in terms of quality, and the same goes for maternity hoodies. The primary factor is the material being used, and although there are many choices from buyers to choose from, it is better to choose natural fabrics such as cotton. While some hoodies have a one hundred per cent cotton construction, others might be blended with other materials such as elastane. But despite their preference, buyers need to make sure the maternity hoodie is soft, comfortable, breathable, and has some level of elasticity for easy wear.

Efficient Design for Breastfeeding is Essential

The postpartum period is equally exhausting and tiring as the pregnancy, and a maternity hoodie designed for breastfeeding will come to the rescue even after you’ve given birth – whether you nurse your baby at home or outdoors. While some maternity hoodies have zippers for feeding, others have top or cut-out pockets. Even though both such designs are ideal for nursing, buyers should make sure the maternity hoodie’s breastfeeding panel is discreet and concealed – so it can be used as regular clothing as well.

What Else Should One Consider?

In addition to nursing zippers & panes, some maternity hoodies come with a sufficiently-sized built-in pocket or carrier that can easily hold your little one. However, you should never use it without a wrap sling as it can be dangerous for both you and the baby. Since nursing babies can get messy, stains and spots are not unusual – which is why buyers should go for maternity hoodies that can be hand or machine-washed for easy maintenance & care. Lastly, one should choose an appropriate size based on their measurements and preference.

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