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Someone should not ruin a beautiful phase like pregnancy because of uncomfortable clothing. The body of women changes during this phase; it demands a particular type of clothing. Maternity pyjama is one of those apparel that women should have. This buying guide is for those gonna-be mothers who don’t know much about maternity pyjamas.

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Maternity Pyjama Bottoms Buying Guide

Everyone is aware of the sleepless nights that pregnancy causes; the baby is most active when the mother is resting. No one will like to go to bed in tight skinny clothes that invite sweat and make it uncomfortable to even lay down in nights like these. The best maternity pyjamas are the ones that allow the expansion of the abdominal region; this development is necessary for both mom and child.

Right Time To Buy Maternity Pyjamas

The right time to buy these pyjamas differ from woman to woman; it is also a personal preference. Some signs give us an idea that it’s time to switch from regular pants to maternity pyjamas. When the regular pants start getting a little tight, and the reason is not heavy eating; when one can see the bump through the shirt; spandex feels more comfortable; then it’s time to search for maternity clothing. Buying maternity pyjama too soon can lead to size issues.

Some Must-Have Qualities

The comfort level should be high, and it should be the topmost priority for buying the maternity pyjamas. These pyjamas should not be much restrictive. Anything too tight and figure-hugging should not be one’s pick for maternity. One can go for the pyjamas with a string on the waist to help adjust the pyjama’s size as the baby grows. The fabric of the pyjamas should be of good quality, and it should not irritate the skin. Cotton and silk are generally preferred; they are lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Other Factor To Consider

Pregnant women spend most of their time in these pyjamas, so it is better to have well-designed ones. Its fabric should not shrink. The design of the pyjama should be low cut because women have to wear it under the bump. And lastly, one make sure that the maternity pyjama they are selecting should provide support to the stomach to keep it in good shape.

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