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If you are having trouble sealing off the water from leaking for a pump mechanism, chances are you need a suitable and well thought mechanical seal to help you. However, it can be a little overwhelming to pick the right seal. This guide will elaborate on the decision-making process you should follow.

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Mechanical Seals Buying Guide

Mechanical seals are essential to prevent leakage during a process in between machines and systems. Especially when dealing with large scale industrial work, avoiding external hazards because of fluid leakage can even be a serious threat to safety. In such cases, mechanical seals are used across operations and boast a wide range of differences. This brings attention to the fact that investing in mechanical seals might not be the easiest job globally, and research could help ease the process. Consequently, this guide brings together some important factors which you should keep in mind.

The nature of the fluid expected to flow

One of the main reasons why mechanical seals come with different constituting properties is that they are made, keeping in mind the constituting elements of the fluid that might flow through them. Since these seals are used to block escaping fluid, they are inevitably in constant contact with the fluid. As a result of this, you must note down the nature of the fluid first. If it's meant for home purposes to seal water, you would have little to worry about. However, if the seal is to be used for industrial purposes, you would want to ensure that the seal does not chemically react with the fluid.

Resistance properties

Mechanical seals have differing resistance properties. Again, the resistance factor would be of prime importance once you have the pressure requirement assessed. You would not want the liquid pressure to break the seal. This would amount to a case of faulty judgement and decision. Hence, go through the fluid pressure in the system and convey the same to your seller. The same specifications would also likely be listed out in the properties section, either online or on the containing package of the product.

How much heat can the seal take?

Another important question that you should keep an eye on is checking the mechanical seal's heat resistance properties. Some industrial systems run fluids at such high pressures and temperatures that a seal may give up. This would be another safety blunder for the system and the people involved with the process. This property would also be something already listed in the specs of the product. If not, don't miss out on putting in a query with the manufacturer.

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