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All healthcare facilities, especially hospitals and clinics, try to keep their medical supplies handy and easily reachable – because no one knows when the need to use them might arrive. Doctors face such situations daily where they have to act quickly to save a patient's life, and there isn't any time to waste finding medicines or surgical tools. The most convenient way to store necessary and essential items are medical carts – a worthy investment for anyone working in health care.

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Medical Carts Buying Guide

Although medical carts or trolleys are typically used for emergency supplies, they can act as portable storage units for medicines, syringes, and even catheters. A medical cart can also be put to fair use in a dental clinic – like when dentists need all their tools and equipment within reach while performing a procedure. Better yet, medical carts are the ideal choice for storing first-aid kits, which are mandatory almost everywhere, especially schools & offices. However, it is crucial to examine some features first, and this guide is here to well, guide buyers.

Durable Construction

Medical carts and trolleys are a long-term investment and are roughly used quite frequently – usually daily, which is why it is essential to buy a well-built cart. The first thing to consider is the cart's material, and it is better to go with high-strength materials like metal or stainless-steel as they are sturdier & durable. However, the medical cart must be resistant to rust, acid, alkaline, and corrosion for prolonged use and long service life. Since a medical cart's unique feature is its portability, buyers should ensure that it has 360-degree rolling wheels and more importantly, foot brakes.

Storage Space & Compartments

All medical carts offer storage space based on their size, and buyers should choose one according to their preference or requirement. While some medical carts come with two or three compartments with or without additional drawers, others have five or six. Most trolleys have one deep storage tray, and the rest are somewhat shallow. Since medical supplies should only be stored in sterile conditions, many medical carts come with clip-on lids to keep the contents safe. Similarly, some carts are treated with anti-microbial protection to keep everything clean.

Easy Assembly & Maintenance

A medical cart can be difficult to assemble, and since it is typically used for emergency services, there may not be time for assembly. So, buyers should prefer pre-assembled medical carts that are ready to use or require minimal installation. However, if the cart needs setting-up after delivery, make sure that all necessary accessories come included. Medical carts must also be easy to clean and sterilised with a simple wipe-down, and the surface & compartments should be resistant to liquids.

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