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Medical chairs are quite similar to everyday use chairs but are designed to offer assistance to people with or recovering from injuries, disabled people, and the elderly. A wheelchair also falls under the category of medical chairs, but a medical chair is used for different purposes. The chair can be of great assistance to anyone who has trouble walking or standing too long and helps in performing day to day activities conveniently.

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Medical Chairs Buying Guide

A medical chair or stool is suitable for domestic and industrial use, including hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation centres. However, all chairs are designed to aid with specific activities. For instance, while one medical chair may be intended for evacuation purposes, the other might be appropriate for showering or bathing. So, buyers need to start by choosing the type of medical chair they need and then consider more factors or features – that this guide will highlight and explain.

Safe & Sturdy Construction

Since medical chairs are meant to help disabled or injured people, buying a rickety and wobbly chair or stool can be quite dangerous for the individual using it – especially if no one is around to assist. A chair with anodised aluminium or metal frame and stainless-steel fittings is a suitable choice as it will be sturdy and safe. But rust and corrosion resistance are also essential for long service life and durability. Besides a solid construction, the medical chair must have a comfortable & padded seat for extra stability and comfort.

Armrest and Backrest are Must-Haves

Although medical stools serve the same purpose as a chair, a seat can be somewhat dangerous since there is no armrest or backrest. However, a medical chair must have a padded and angled backrest for improved posture and support. Unless you are buying a stool, a backrest is a non-negotiable feature. In addition to back support, armrests are crucial for added stability, especially for those who have trouble standing up or sitting down. Some medical chairs have detachable armrests which is an excellent design feature and can be useful for side transfers.

What Else Must Buyers Consider?

Buyers should check the medical’s chair size and weight capacity to avoid replacement or exchange later on – and the more weight it can bear, the sturdier the chair will be. Whether you buy a medical chair or stool, it is best to go with one that has an adjustable height, making it suitable for people of all ages and size. The legs of the chair must be anti-slip, mainly if meant to be used in the bathroom. It is also better to go with a lightweight medical chair as it is easier to transport or carry. 

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