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Nowadays, the use of medical exam gloves is not limited to only health care professionals. Due to the on-going pandemic, these products have assumed an important place in our daily lives. They keep our hands clean & lessen the chance of germs coming into direct contact with the skin. Therefore, they perfectly act as the first line of defence against any potential infection.

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Medical Exam Gloves Buying Guide

Getting the right kind of medical exam gloves for patient care at clinics, hospitals, labs & daily use is imperative. They ensure protection against bodily fluids & make the wearer feel comfortable. They are made of materials like Vinyl, Nitrile & Latex, & come in varied thickness & lengths. The selection needs to be made depending on the needs & the potential risks to which one may get exposed.

Check the suitability criteria

The ones made of Latex are suited for high-risk situations. They are rugged, biodegradable & offer high elasticity. If you are dealing with non-hazardous objects, then it is better to prefer the Vinyl ones. Those made of Nitrile resist toxic chemicals & provide great functionality for extended period use as they have a longer shelf life.

Ergonomic features too

The powder used in many rubber gloves can cause contamination in sensitive surroundings. Hence, medical exam gloves are powder-free, since a chemical method is used to make their interiors smooth to enable infection-resistant wear. They are ultra-sturdy & ambidextrous, which makes them suitable for either hand. The beaded cuffs provide drip protection to the forearms & thus ensures a tear-free use. You can entirely focus on your task without worrying about the gloves getting punctured. However, they are suitable for single use only.

Multitude of uses

They are fit for multiple purposes. Apart from using them in healthcare services, you can also wear them in food preparation to attain preferred hygiene. The aestheticians can use them while offering their services. Since their service involves a lot of skin contact, it is advisable to wear them to the extent possible. Medical exam gloves are an indispensable part of the laboratories. They come handy for pet care & gardening. However, in daily use, one needs to properly understand the procedure of removal post usage to avoid any virus deposited on the gloves getting in contact with your skin.

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