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Initially, face masks were to be compulsorily worn by every medical staff and staff either working in manufacturing units of any organization or sweepers and other cleaners executing their duty. With the changing conditions out there, masks have been a must for all human beings stepping out on the roads.

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Medical Face Masks & Shields Buying Guide

Masks act as a shield protecting the human nose and mouth and prevent any pollutants or germs from entering the air. Medical staff is doctors, nurses, or ward boys in constant and close contact with patients suffering from various diseases. When patients cough or sneeze, they release germs and bacteria into the air, unknowingly being inhaled by these medical staff. If face masks are not used by these staff, there are chances of them inhaling infectious germs, making them fall sick.

Are you wearing it, right?

Medical masks are worn to prevent infectious germs and bacteria from entering the body, which means it is essential for the buyer to use them correctly. People need to understand that they should wear it right to put it into efficient use. There are a particular set of rules to follow when using a mask. Buyers should always wash hands before touching the mask. Before wearing it, they must check that there are no holes or tears to it. Place the loop behind each ear and ensure it covers your nose, mouth, and chin simultaneously.

Disposing of mask

If not disposed of correctly, Masks lead to the spread of hazardous diseases that shall become uncontrollable in nature if not kept a watch on. A buyer should make sure that they do not throw it in their general bins. Even if they plan to do so, they must first throw it in a plastic bag, tie a knot, and then throw it in the container.

Choosing the right fit

Choosing the right fit is a crucial task to carry out. There are various maks available in the market, each having its own use and function to perform. Buyers should check for multiple factors before purchasing one. Firstly the application of it must be precise. Second They must choose between surgical masks and respirators depending on their need. Third, depending on the level of protection required, the buyer must go for masks with more than one or two protective layers. As these masks are worn for long hours material, the size also plays a vital role.

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