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Whether an injury or a surgical laceration, medical gauze plays a significant role in the healing process. Typically made with (and resembling) cotton, gauze is used to dress wounds and prevent bacterial infection or contamination. Some studies have also shown that using the right type of medical gauze with or without bandages can speed up the healing process – no matter the severity of the abrasion or bruise. Medical gauze is even great for pain management as it protects the wound from clothes, soap, and other items that may be unsafe.

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Medical Gauze Buying Guide

To keep the wound completely clean, one should change the medical gauze dressing frequently. However, one should not buy medical gauze without consulting a doctor as not all gauzes are the same, and while one type may be appropriate for you – it might not be for the next person. It even depends on whether you use the gauze with or without an ointment or cream, so it is better to seek professional help first. But there are also other features that buyers should know of, and this guide will help them make a choice.

Woven Vs Non-Woven Medical Gauze

Medical gauze comes in two main variations – woven and non-woven, and choosing one is the first feature buyers should consider. Woven medical gauze is comparatively low-cost, more popular, and it is made by weaving multiple layers of cotton together. On the other hand, non-woven medical gauze is usually made with synthetics and are non-fibrous. Although both are great options, woven gauze is more likely to cause pain during removal due to its substantial adhesive property. Whereas non-woven medical gauze is non-adhering, thereby being more soft, comfortable, and far less painful.

Buy Sterile, Absorbent and Latex-Free Gauze

Besides wound dressings, medical gauze can also be used for cleaning or other purposes – which is why a few are non-sterile. However, if explicitly purchasing medical gauze to bandage an injury or abrasion, buying sterile gauze is the only option. Gauze needs to be absorbent as most wounds are bloody, and infections can even lead to bacterial pus. So, buyers should buy medical gauze with high absorbency. However, some brands use latex to increase the absorbing power of medical gauze, but latex can cause allergic reactions and is not suitable for the healing process.

What Else Should You Consider?

While some medical gauzes have a two or three-ply construction, others have twelve-ply layers and the more the ply, the higher their absorbency and softness. We all know the hassle of bathing while having a bandage on, but a convenient solution to this is shower-proof medical gauze. Another factor to keep in mind is the gauze's size as it entirely depends on the wound and the wounded area. If you buy a medical gauze savings pack, proper packaging is something to consider to keep away dust and bacteria.

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