Top 12 Medical Models & Educational Materials

Teaching medicine and human anatomy to children and medical students require a lot more than textbooks. An all-rounded learning experience mandates exploring various body parts and systems. Medical models and educational materials like pictures with texts etc., help a lot with contemplating the wonderful system the body is and prepare you for studying medicine. This guide will help you to make the right choice when buying them.

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Medical Models & Educational Materials Buying Guide

Medical models and educational materials are required the most in, and you guessed it right, the medical school. However, there are umpteen areas in life where you may need them. Students ranging from elementary to high school need them in their schools while learning biology. Psychiatric wards may need them. Of course, if your little one is keen on understanding the human body, they would make the perfect gift.

Anatomical models for visual learning

Visual learning is the best model for understanding biology; thus, anatomical models are great as they replicate the body. The skull and the skeletal system is some of the most demanded medical models. The skull must replicate the parietal, fissures and seams. If it is dissectible as lobes and parts, that is excellent quality. A movable jaw also makes learning more exciting.

When it comes to organs like skin and eye and various systems in the body, like the digestive, reproductive etc., realistically detailed pieces are necessary to understand the various nuances. For instance, a heart model must also come with critical veins and arteries for comprehensive learning. Removable heart walls help explore the interior. Such models usually come mounted on a removable stand for display.

Features in check

When choosing a model, you have to make sure that it is life-size, be it children's or adults'. It ensures that our imagination and comprehension will match reality, which is especially crucial for medical students. As medical models and materials are probably going to be made of synthetic materials, durability must be a criterion while choosing them to eliminate the chance of frequent replacement. High-grade ABS material, medical-grade silicone etc., are perfect for anatomical models, and it is ideal if they are developed and certified by medical professionals.

Practice models for future use

While anatomical models can be great references for learning, there are many practice models that help medical students with real-life experiences waiting for them. A suture kit is perhaps the most demanded among them. The emulation of the skin and organs must react in a realistic manner. The wounds and cuts must come in different depths and shapes. For dental students, a teeth model to teach and practice the right brushing method is inevitable.