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A melodica is a piano-like instrument mainly designed for kids or beginners who want to learn to play a piano. It is a great instrument to practice your music notes before picking up a keyboard or a piano. Melodica is becoming a popular musical instrument among children, prompting parents to buy one for their kids.

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Melodicas Buying Guide

For kids who want to learn to play a keyboard, a melodica is the best instrument you can buy for them. Most people think of melodica as just a toy for kids because of its childish designs. However, adults, nowadays, are using melodica to practice their skills and become a professional. It comes with a reed that you have to blow into to play your music notes. A melodica is slightly easy to play than most musical instruments and can blend with any music you want. But before you pick up a melodica from a store, you must consider some crucial factors that may influence your choice. 

How will you use the melodica? 

You can choose a melodica, depending on your purpose of playing it. If you only want to play for fun, you should not invest in a high-end instrument. However, if you wish to learn and perform in front of an audience, you can go for an expensive model. Melodicas can also improve your respiration. So you can buy this musical instrument for your kid and help them learn to control their breathing. 

Which type of melodica is best for you?

You may find many types of melodicas available on the market. For loud or high-pitched tones, a soprano & alto melodica is the best option. You can play it using both your hands, with the left playing black notes while the right plays white notes. On the other hand, Tenor melodicas are lower-pitched ones and only requires one hand to play. Bass melodicas are the ones with the lowest range but are pretty rare to find.   

Safety is the primary concern

If you are buying a melodica for your kid, make sure it has all the safety features. The material used to make the reed that you have to blow into should be FDA-approved. Whether you buy a tenor or soprano & alto melodica, always ensure their body is made from ABS non-toxic material safe to use. If you do not check the safety features of your melodica, it could lead to severe infections. 

Keys of the melodica

A melodica must have a responsive key-action, which means the keys should not get stuck when you play them after a long time. You can test it by playing the instrument and check how the keys feel. Furthermore, you may want to know how many keys should your melodica has. This instrument usually comes with either 32 keys or 37 keys. For professionals, the one with 37 keys is the ideal choice. 

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