Top 12 Men's Fragrances

The way we smell creates a significant impact on others than, more than we anticipate. A fragrance should be chosen wisely as it becomes a part of our personality. One can choose a different fragrance for several occasions by considering the level of concentration and notes offered by the raw material.

Men's Fragrances Buying Guide

Fragrances are a mixture of alcohol, water with raw material. The raw material is either extracted from natural sources or made artificially. 


Many factors will lead you to your fragrance, but the most important one is to wear them. No matter how famous or attractive a perfume is, it does not determine it will smell good on you too. The scent should complement your body chemistry. Even if you are highly motivated to get the right one for yourself, it is advised not to try more than four fragrances in a day. You can apply each scent on a distinct part of your body and let them settle for at least 24 hours. In this way, you will know how different fragrance unfolds on your body throughout a day. 

Concentrate on concentration

The fragrance is a general word used for scents. Eau de Fraiche is the most diluted of all the fragrance, with a concentration of only 1-3%. The perfume fades within an hour. Most men wear eau de cologne due to its light perfume concentration. The scent constitutes only 2-4% enough for 2 hours. Simultaneously, eau de toilette contains 5-15% of perfume with rest being water and alcohol. It can last for a maximum of 3 hours. Eau de Parfum contains 15-20% of the raw material, enough to keep you aromatic for 5-8 hours. The most concentrated fragrance is the Parfum, known as perfume extract in England. It contains 20-30% of scent in the rest of the solution and lasts throughout a day. 

Types of notes

Every fragrance has a 3-part scent cycle—each giving individual level of intensity or notes. The top note is the initial note that appears just after the application. It fades within minutes or hours, depending on the concentration of the fragrance. It is made up of lighter floral extracts. The middle note appears after the top note and represents the central theme of the scent. It consists of a more decadent ingredient such as jasmine, or fruits like pears. A base note lasts longer than other notes due to strong raw material such as sandalwood, musk, leather, vanilla. 

Categories Simillar to Men's Fragrances

Categories Simillar to Men's Fragrances includes Atomisers