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T-shirts are perhaps the most comfortable clothing regardless of one's gender. A t-shirt is everyone's best friend at home, along with a pair of pyjamas. However, there is a popular belief that t-shirts are juvenile wear or clothing suitable for physical labour. But men love to wear them on inappropriate occasions. And why shouldn't they? They are made of soft materials, ideal as a gym-wear, and can be worn in an array or informal settings. Follow this guide to make conscious purchases when shopping for men's tees.

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Men's T-Shirts Buying Guide

Everybody owns at least a pair of t-shirts in their wardrobe. They can be easily worn, work perfectly for running some errands and still look nice. They guarantee practicality, comfort and style like no other clothing. Having said that choosing the right t-shirt may not be an easy task for men is often associated with boys by the traditionalists. We have listed the golden rules to follow to make the perfect t-shirt purchase so that you can be a man and still rock that look.

The right fit

Fit is inarguably the most critical aspect to look for in any clothing. However, it is more relevant in t-shirts as their appearance is only as good as the fit. Too tight or too baggy a top will not complement you. Tight t-shirts show no mercy- they can project your belly lines or even the slightest bulge as they are made of stretchable material. Wear a loose tee, and you will look like a flowy cloth on a stick. If you are skinny, it will especially project your bony structure by literally hanging on top of it.

The neckline of the t-shirt

Though there are many neckline styles in women's tees, men's t-shirts are limited to two basic styles: the crew neck and V. the V neck is more informal than the crew and adds more style to a generic tee. It is ideal for short men as it helps one's neck look elongated, which adds to the overall height. It won't complement men with protruded belly as the V points towards it. Crew neck is a classic option for most men and helps broaden one's shoulder and neckline. It is ideal for tall men with long necks.

Constituents and patterns

Choosing t-shirts made from natural, breathable materials is always your best bet as they help absorb your sweat efficiently and provide a comfortable feel on the skin. It is also advised to go for thicker fabrics for maximum durability. Though nothing can match a solid tee paired with denim jeans or shorts, some men prefer and look great in tees with patterns. Horizontal stripes add a neat visual interest, while graphics and quotes add a buzz.

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