Top 12 Men's Thermal Tops

Thermal wear is available in various materials, weights, and styles that will complement you in varied cold range. The top is the base layer, closest to the skin, that holds warm air surrounding the body and lets the skin breathe.

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Men's Thermal Tops Buying Guide

Thermal wears are ideal for anyone who is not used to wear layers of wool during winter. These undergarments have base layers with a brushed soft inner, made from an advanced insulating yarn.

What to expect from a thermal top

A thermal top should be sweat-wicking and comfortable enough to make your winter harmonious. They should not restrict your movement for small outdoor activities. Above all, the fabric should keep you warm with a smooth loft of a thermal layer. It is also possible to find a bacteria-resistance fabric that will not harm your skin even after several unwashed days.


Synthetic fabric is designed to work in icy conditions. The fabric controls the extent of moisture and heat retention. On the other hand, cotton tends to retain moisture, leading to a wet and chilly feeling. Woollen thermal fabric offers a perfect balance of moisture and body temperature. Merino wool is the most trusted wool for thermal wear, providing protection and comfort in all kinds of cold temperatures. Silk thermal wear is ideal for a moderately chilled environment, along with a well-fitted soft texture. However, they don't manage the moisture well.

Fabric weight

Ultra-lightweight fabric can be used in a mildly cold region. In contrast, from mild to moderately cold weather, lightweight thermal material is preferred. A piece of lightweight fabric gives you the freedom to do aerobic activities even in a cold climate. A mid-weight fabric is heavier than lightweight fabric, suitable for moderate to extreme cold weather. They are heavy enough to save you from cold and flexible enough to provide mobility in sports or other physical activities. A heavyweight thermal should be chosen for an environment that crosses extreme cold temperatures.


There are two main styles available in thermal wear: one-piece thermal wear and two-pieces thermal wear. One-piece thermal wear is available as a top or T-shirt, brief and trouser. Thermal tops exist in short sleeves to full-length sleeves. A round neck t-shirt can be layered with a jacket or an overcoat for outings in winter, while a ban collar top can be worn as a single t-shirt layer for an indoor chill.