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Ties have been used to make fashion statements for ages. They have worked their way from formal attires to casual party outfits so elegantly that they are the first option everyone turns to when they need to enhance their look. Tie clips add that extra oomph to every look with a tie.

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Men's Tie Clips Buying Guide

Ties are usually worn to refine a look, but when the fabrics of the tie do not stay in place, the purpose of wearing them gets beaten. Tie clips were invented to ensure that the tie stays in place no matter what activity the buyer gets involved in. These innovative products help the buyer's tie hang straight so that even if they slouch, their style stays upright. Selecting the right tie clip, especially when buying for formal events, is an arduous task. This buying guide is a collection of all the important points that the buyer must know while choosing the right tie clip.

The morphology of a tie clip

Tie clips might look like a regular pin at first, but their design is much more sophisticated. The reason why tie clips are designed like this is to maintain a grip between the tie and shirt and effectively preventing it from sliding. Some people make the mistake of just putting the tie clip on the tie and not attaching it to their shirt, which will not keep the tie stable. The buyer should not confuse tie clips with tie bars which are used to hold fabrics that are thinner and more delicate than usual tie fabrics.

Basics details to keep in mind

The dimensions and placement of tie pins make a significant difference in the appearance of the whole outfit. The buyer must ensure that the length of the tie pin is shorter than the width of the tie. Tie clips usually do not come in lengths long enough to sit with a measurement scale, but to be on the safer side, they should check the dimensions of the clip. It is also essential to remember that the tie clip is placed in the middle of the third and the fourth button of the shirt and any lower or higher than this can make it look unnatural.

Variety of tie clips

Tie clips come in many elegant finishes. They are made of materials like glass, wood, fabric, plastic, pearls, gemstones, enamel and resin. The buyer can go for different kinds of platings like platinum, silver, gold and likeness depending on the occasion and how much they want to invest. The tie clips that are strong, durable, scratch-resistant, finger-print and dirt resistant and lightweight are considered to be the best ones.  

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