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Underwear is the most fundamental and critical category amongst all clothing. Because the genitalia is a delicate and sensitive part that needs to be protected from external particles, this comprehensive guide will help you make informed choices if you are looking for men's trunks, a much-preferred underwear class.

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Men's Underwear Trunks Buying Guide

When it comes to men's underwear, there is more to consider other than protection from pollutants. The undergarment also needs to support the genitalia as it protrudes. Underwear trunks are excellent at offering that kind of support and goes with almost any type of clothing.

How to choose men's underwear?

Whether you go for trunks or briefs, there are certain features you must ensure before deciding on the underwear. Breathability is the most crucial aspect as you would not want a sweat-pool down there. There should not be any seams formed when you put on your trousers- the trunk must stay crisp and clean without showing any lines. The genitals must have ample support. They must be comfortable throughout the day. The underwear must also regulate the temperature in the lower body. And finally, your underwear must make you look neat. Good quality underwear assures an enhanced appearance.

What's in the fabric?

When it comes to the material of your trunk, the best bet is cotton. Cotton is your best friend if breathability and softness are what you look for in any clothing, for that matter. As it is a natural material, it is also non-allergic. Good fabrics absorb sweat or fluids coming from the crotch, which is an important specification. They also lessen the friction between the undergarment and your genitals. Jersey is another preferred material that has a natural stretch. It is perfect for men who are frequently active. If you are sporty, underwear with mesh may come in handy.

When choosing underwear trunks

Because underwear trunks offer a good silhouette, it is perfect for wearing under skin-fit trousers. They also sit flawlessly on hips, providing an overall snug fit. But a few things need to be considered when going for a trunk. Trunks are not meant for people with a large waist as they go up to the hips. So a better fit for them would be boxers. Going for brands that only use quality materials will also ensure that the trunk will be durable. High-grade trunks do not lose elasticity for a long while.Underwear trunks come in two types- the standard model and the hipster model that sits low. The latter is typically meant for beaches, where you may want to show off a little. Thus, if you wear hipster trunks with formal wear, make sure that the shirt is tucked in.

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