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Music is an art; the creator is an artist. Art as music is not made in a single day by a single person; it requires numerous talents to create a masterpiece. The MIDI instrument was invented to reduce this complexity, and specific MIDI cables were used to connect various instruments.

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The MIDI coordinates the sounds created from various instruments following a specific melody and rhythm; it is considered the holy grail to the music industry. Therefore, working with MIDI requires devices designed explicitly for it. For example, MIDI cables are made explicitly for MIDIs, connecting the keyboard with other musical instruments.

About the MIDI instrument

In orchestras, the members play their instruments following the signals sent by the conductor. Here the conductor doesn't make sound but tells the others how to play to match the rhythm. The Musical Instrument Digital Interface is a musical keyboard that can play multiple instruments simultaneously; its work is similar to that of the conductor in an orchestra. However, instead of hand movements, the MIDI sends event messages on the note's pitch, velocity and notation to the connected instruments. 

The MIDI cables

The MIDI cables are specially created wires with 16 channels that carry the event messages from the MIDI keyboard to other separate devices or instruments. Four types of MIDI cables are available in the market, DIN-MIDI, USB-DAW, USB-MIDI and RTP-MIDI, where the USB-MIDI model has been preferred as the most cross-platform simplicity design.

USB MIDI cables

The USB MIDI cables are a perfect choice as they're known for their simplicity and can be easily connected to any computer regardless of their brand. Computers nowadays come along with built-in USB ports to connect the external devices to the system. Ensuring that the USB MIDI cable is plugged correctly into the keyboard, the other port is connected to the computer after proper configuration. If the computer's USB ports aren't working, the user can connect to the system through a MIDI interface.

Connecting MIDI cables

Connecting MIDI cables are a relatively easy job; one must know which ends should be connected. Here's a brief explanation on connecting the cables, the MIDI cable has an "out" and "in" port, the MIDI cable "out" is inserted into the "in" of the MIDI keyboard, while the "in" of the MIDI cable is inserted into the "out" port of the keyboard. This arrangement ensures that the music generated is sent out through the cables into your computer. Multiple USB MIDI connections are made to connect numerous instruments. A good quality cable ensures longevity.

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