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Mint sauce is a traditional Irish sauce used as a dip for meat-based dishes and toast. It is most popularly used as a complementary sauce for roast lamb. With a thick, creamy consistency, mint sauce is made of peppermint leaves soaked in vinegar, lime juice and a little bit of sugar to counter the strong bitter taste.

Mint Sauce Buying Guide

Meat dishes like roast lamb, roast beef and chicken wings are ubiquitous delicacies worldwide for their rich taste and assortment of flavours. However, the taste of these dishes is greatly enhanced when had with a condiment. Condiments complement the taste of the dish by either enhancing the taste of the dish if the dish is too subtle or subdue the flavour if the dish is too spicy and flavourful. Usually, various types of sauces like barbecue, tandoori, or hollandaise stimulate the dish's taste. In contrast, sauces like mint and honey-chilli subdue the flavours a little bit.

Traditional mint sauce

The original mint sauce is a traditional recipe in existence for various centuries. The mint sauce is an excellent complement to all the traditionally eaten meat dishes like roast beef, tandoori chicken or the scrumptious traditional thanksgiving turkey. This mint sauce has been passed down various generations and is a timeless recipe and taste. Prepared from a mixture of mint leaves soaked in vinegar and sometimes mixed in yoghurt, the creamy consistency of mint sauce makes it an excellent dip for main course meat dishes and even snacks. Its signature sour piquant taste is a timeless and memorable one.

Mint jelly is a variant of mint sauce

Many may not prefer the liquidy texture and consistency of the traditional mint sauce. Some may find the mint sauce to be too mild for meat dishes. In many instances, the traditional mint sauce is too watery and does not stick well with the meat pieces, making the mint sauce insufficient for flavouring some of the meat dishes. Mint jelly is an alternative to the mint sauce and is sweet to taste. It has the consistency of jelly, and it can be had with pies, toast, cookies and even with certain savoury meat dishes to give a sweet touch.

Mint sauce sachets

Mint sauce is typically sold in large glass jars because glass preserves the taste and the flavour of the sauce or jelly effectively. Moreover, when stored in glass jars, the mint sauce lasts longer and retains its taste well. However, when travelling, one cannot carry large bottles of mint sauce because the chances of the bottle breaking or being accidentally dropped are too high. Hence, those who travel often and want to have mint sauce can buy small mint sauce sachets. These sachets are easy to carry and are an ideal portable taste enhancer.

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