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As a parent, one of the most educatively engaging activities you can enjoy with your children is assisting them in model building or construction games. Based on your kid's age and understanding level, you can choose the model's simplicity and versatility, fostering multiple logical and developmental skills in your child.

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Every toddler loves building and stacking items on top of each other. It's a new experience of joy and satisfaction for most kids to place things in their proper place. Even though the 21st century has its fair share of newly-developed, advanced electronic toys, classic building blocks and construction toys are a reserved part of every individual's childhood. For a parent, there are numerous considerations based on age, material, personal preferences, etc., to factor in before purchasing any model building toy for their children.

Blending education with entertainment

Despite the recent rise in the popularity of smartphone gaming and video consoles, there is nothing more satisfying than building something from scratch to the end. Model building is a fascinating pastime for both kids and adults that have evolved exponentially throughout the years. Today, you can engage your kids in the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) model kits. These model building games contain many different sub-groups of robot building, programming kits, telescopes, and construction toys, whose main aim is to nurture a child's educational values and cognitive skills in a fun and productive manner.

Influence of age-difference on model building games

The kind of model building toy you would purchase for a budding toddler would be highly different from those for an early teenager. Toddlers and growing babies require larger toy pieces (to avoid choking hazards from small pieces in case they put in their mouth), which they can slot together without much effort. As babies begin to grow, you can try purchasing colour/shape-coordinated models to up their understanding levels. Pre-teens and older children have a massive range of educational model collections that they can choose from the stores. Legos offer one of the best assortment of model building toys for all appropriate ages.

Material safety and durability of model building toys

Generally, the construction material used in making any toy gets correlated with its safety level for children. If you're buying plastic models, always make an effort to know what kind of plastic is getting used for fabrication. Hard plastics often contain several harmful chemicals that are not good for either the child or the environment. Currently, many reputed toy companies provide wooden mechanical models made from recycled materials. These model building toys are entirely ecologically-natural and do not even require glue or any other chemical item for assembly. Wooden models are also more durable than plastic models.

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