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Our hands go through a lot of work throughout the day, and they become dry due to lack of nourishment. It's mainly the reason why hands age faster than the face. No one likes rough skin on their hands, especially in the winters when the skin becomes dry or chapped. In such cases, moisturising gloves work perfectly well to keep your hands hydrated for a long time.

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Moisturising Gloves Buying Guide

Your hands do have a lot to say about your age and the maintenance levels you perform regularly. Constant exposure to harsh soaps, dyes, and detergents can poorly affect your hands' skin. Ultimately, it results in high levels of dryness, and your hands look chapped. The build-design of moisturising gloves deals with all such problems. They help to lock in the moisture in your hands, enhance the skin's softness and suppleness. However, finding the right pair of moisturising gloves can look like a daunting task. As a buyer, you have too many options and too many factors to take into consideration.

The main features of moisturising gloves

The critical difference between a moisturising glove and a standard one is that a moisturising glove contains a gel lining that helps to keep your hands hydrated upon wearing. Instead of the natural fabric lining, they consist of a particular fabric that gets pre-treated with moisturising gels. It speeds up the moisturising process and heals damaged skin rapidly. The oils and gels in these types of gloves also penetrate your skin, rejuvenating it and helping to look elegant and damp-free.

A size-based approach towards selection

Size plays a crucial role in selecting moisturising gloves. The sizes available are usually unisex-based but can differ from company to company. If you purchase a large-sized moisturising glove, it might not work as effectively as required. Consequently, it will lack in serving its actual purpose, that is, to keep your hands humidified. If the size is still an issue, one can even find stretchable moisturising gloves in the markets. Its elastic material helps accommodate a wide range of hand sizes. Usually, the single-range sizing can fit into most hands easily.

Materials used in moisturising gloves

There is quite a wide variety in the types of fabrics and materials one can find for making moisturising gloves. Cotton, wool, nylon, and spandex are a few of the common materials found in numerous moisturising gloves. Manufacturers also infuse these gloves with extra healthy addictives, like keratin, collagen, aloe vera, and other botanical extracts. These beneficial additives also play a crucial role in attaining healthy and luminous skin. Cotton might be the most durable one among other materials. However, some moisturising gloves are solely for one-time use.

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