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Mosquito control products are the wide range of products that are used to keep mosquitoes at bay. Some of the most popular mosquito products include electric nets, UV Lamps and fly traps. Since mosquitoes carry a wide host of dangerous diseases, malaria and dengue, mosquito control devices have become ubiquitous.

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Mosquitoes, in addition to being annoying, also carry a wide host of diseases that affect and fatally harm millions of people all over the world annually.  They can act as carriers of many viruses that are easily transmitted from blood to blood. Moreover, in many mosquito-infested areas, the nuisance caused by mosquito bites prevent people from sleeping, making them develop sleep-related disorders like insomnia. Hence, it is important to use the various mosquito control products available in the market, like mosquito bats, coils or UV lamps, to protect oneself and their families from the dangers of mosquitoes.

Sticky traps and gnat traps

Sticky traps and gnat traps are popular mosquito traps used to lure the mosquitoes and trap. These traps are coloured usually in bright yellow to attract the mosquitoes. Their surface is layered with a thin layer of special glue to trap the mosquito legs and prevent them from flying again. To use these sticky traps, one needs to attach them next to windows and flower pots, which are the most mosquito-infested areas in the house. In addition to mosquitoes, these traps can also trap insects like whiteflies, greenflies, fungus, etc. These traps should be kept out of children’s reach.

Electric mosquito bats

Electric mosquito bats are shaped like a tennis racquet and are among the most popular mosquito control tools in the market.  In other mosquito control tools, the mosquito may not always be killed due to insufficient lethal force. Electric bat nets produce a charge of 3000 Volts which is more than enough to kill even the biggest and strongest mosquito. Since these bats are operated by hand, it is very easy to aim and hit the mosquito wherever it may be flying. Moreover, unlike coils, mosquito bats do not produce harmful toxins in the air.

Electric mosquito killer lamps

Mosquito control lamps emit UV light that attracts the mosquito towards them and kills them. Although the UV radiation produced by these lamps cannot harm human hands, it is extremely strong for small insects, and they are instantly overpowered by it. Since electric lamps are also non-toxic like the electric bats, they are commonly installed in places where many people gather, like restaurants and bars. The buyer must buy a lamp made of ABS material because it is the safest and produces no toxins at all. These lamps must be installed at heights of 100 cm for efficiency.

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