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Are you also troubled by the overgrowth of moss? Then buying a moss control is a must for you. So, what does moss do? Moss plays a crucial role in the ecosystem. It prevents soil erosion and helps plants to grow. There are tons of varieties of moss control products, making it harder for people to choose. This guide will help you find your ideal moss controller.

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Moss Control Buying Guide

Moss control is not only a controller for moss; it also helps nourish your lawn's grass. They contain ferrous sulfate, which is highly effective at killing moss by drawing out the moisture. So, the mosses end up drying, turn black and die at least. In the end, it's also a weed which, if not in control, can cause a lot of trouble.

Types of Moss

There are various types of moss, which differ from place to place. Hypnum and Eurhynchium are the most common types of mosses. Its colour is pale green, and it has a feathery appearance and grows more in the spring and autumn season. The next is Byrum and Ceratodon spp; its colour ranges from green-yellow to red. It has a mat foaming appearance. People also call it by the name of winter moss because it grows more in the winter season. The last and least troublesome is Polytrichum, which has a good appearance. Its colour is dark green, which changes to brownish after some time. It is also known as hair moss.

Types of moss controllers

Moss controls that are used for lawns mostly are iron sulfate moss killers. It is present in dry powder or granules form that you can mix with the sand to use. The other ones are available in liquid form, which is more effective. Simultaneously, it's also available in the liquid form, which is even more useful. Algae and other weeds could form in the cold and damp areas. To remove them you need the algae and mould killer kinds of moss controls that remove the algae and moss.

Other points to keep in mind

The moss controls you choose should not be too harsh. They should be sufficient to remove the dark spots and moss from the surfaces without putting too much pressure on rubbing and scrubbing it, spoiling the surface's integrity. It should also be non-toxic and safe for children and animals. 

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