Top 12 Motor Contactors

Motor contactors are commonly purchased for use in household appliances. A good motor contactor ensures efficient functioning, smooth performance, and safety. While looking for one, you might want to consider a few factors to make a great purchase.

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Motor Contactors Buying Guide

Motor contactors are primarily used for high-power household appliances. It is usually used to switch current to motors. They let a lower voltage switch to a circuit with a much higher power. It is helpful to consider a few factors while purchasing a motor contactor.

Size and design

A smaller sized motor contactor is more convenient since it takes up less space for installation. It should be easy to clean and maintain too. You can find one that requires little to no modifications like cutting and drilling for easier installation.

Good performance is a must

You want a motor contactor that will function smoothly and deliver excellent performance. See if the product is certified. Some motor contactors have full product certification and passed export certifications like ROHS and CE. Look at the electrical and mechanical life for durability. 

Motor contactors that save energy

An energy-saving motor contactor is good for the earth and your pockets. Motor contactors of different brands have a variety of mechanisms to lessen energy wastage. Some have optimised electromagnetic systems, which greatly reduces the power of the contactor.

What is it made of?

If the motor contactor is made of quality materials, it will be more durable and safer. We need a sturdy motor contactor that is resistant to abrasion, so buy accordingly. Make sure it has good thermal insulation; operational safety is a must!

Is it noisy?

Motor contactors can be frustratingly noisy. Luckily, with time, quieter options have been developed. The loud, traditional contactor is no more. Some motor contactors eliminate the low-frequency hum emitted during operation. Search for brands that promise that their motor contactors will not ruin the peace and calm of the environment.