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Motor starters, a star invention controls the electrical power for helping start a motor. It is also used to reverse, stop and protect electric motors. This nifty tool provides safety and control, which is essential to protect against complications regular to operations.

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Motor Starters Buying Guide

An electric motor is used in various applications which makes the motor starter an essential tool. Motor starters are critical when dealing with any electric devices. Therefore, this comprehensive guide will help both experienced, and amateurs choose the right motor starter for their tasks.

What is your intended use?

The electric motor starters are a handy device to protect the motor circuits. Therefore, before parting with your money, keep key specifications in mind. How do you intend to use the device? This factor is the most critical factor that will influence your decision of buying the correct type of motor starter. The motor starters are used in various applications, including cars, bikes, water pumps, etc.

When is a manual starter the right choice?

As the name suggests, a manual motor starter operates manually.  A simple button starts or stops the connected electrical device, making it extremely easy and straightforward to use. Moreover, it is a very compact and comparatively cheaper device which also provides overload protection. However, manual starters are only suitable for applications where the load is small, and protection against low voltage is not needed.

A magnetic starter is a more advanced version of a motor starter.

A magnetic starter is a more advanced version of the manual motor starter. It offers automatic and remote operations not available in a manual starter. If you intend to start an electric motor with a large load, this type is more suitable. Also, it provides protection against under-voltage and overload. If in any case, a power failure takes place, it will automatically cut-off.

A combination starter to prevent short-circuit

This type of starter has a magnetic starter and a disconnect switch in the same area. At the time of a fault, a circuit breaker or a disconnect switch quickly averts the danger. Also, on the restoration of the fault, it can be easily reset. One more thing to take care of while buying a starter is that it should support the electric device's current and power.