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Babies are adorable, goofy creatures that garner all our affection and love. But it would also be a lie if we do not admit that they are high maintenance. Indeed, babies require constant care, but caring for babies may not be as daunting as you imagine with the right equipment in handy. Muslin squares are a must-have product for new parents and caretakers, and this guide will help you make the right choices when purchasing them.

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Muslin Squares Buying Guide

Muslin is a lightweight, loosely woven natural fabric made out of cotton. It has plenty of uses, from gift packing, embroidery, and sewing to photography backdrop. Muslin squares for babies perhaps are their best use. Read on to learn why.

Why opt for muslin?

Baby skin is extremely gentle, soft and delicate. It deserves nothing but gentleness back. Muslin is highly breathable with no synthetic fibres. It comes great in handy when the temperatures are high and can be a good clothing option for babies during summer.

How do babies make use of it?

Are you making a baby essentials' list? Jot down muslin square because its uses are incredibly vast. Replace those synthetic and non-biodegradable wipes; let organic and non-allergic materials clean the baby bums. Use it while feeding- whether to wipe the mouth or cover up if necessary. The material is 100% breathable; your baby won't be suffocated at all! Mop up milk, pee or any other mess, and muslin squares are easily absorbent and even easier to wash and dry. Use them as changing mats or prams, and the possibilities are endless!Large muslin squares can also be sewn into adorable little dresses for babies. Because they are easy to sew, wear and take care of, they are perhaps the best fabric for baby clothing. To make them pretty, you can add some embroider the cloth.

What number and size to buy?

The size of the muslin square entirely depends on the use. Suppose you are using it as a mat, as an inner layer underneath the blanket and the like. In that case, you will have to choose a large square, whereas if the uses revolve predominantly in the hygiene department like a burp cloth or kerchief, smaller sizes are ideal.How many muslin clothes you stack is fully under your preference. Do you wash all the clothes at the weekends? Or do you wash them daily? If you wash them daily, you do not really need many squares, especially since they dry quickly. You can even use the same square twice or thrice the same day with consecutive washing. Having 6-8 muslin squares is ideal in general, although one can never have enough!