Top 12 Nail Art Pens

It is ubiquitous to see the prevalence of fancy nail arts everywhere. From simple, colourful patterns to intricate pieces of artwork, the availability of designs that one can create is endless. Nail art pens make this process of creating uniquely artistic designs convenient for both independent users and professionals.

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Nail Art Pens Buying Guide

While it comes to following the trend, everyone desires to stand out of the crowd with their unique, personal touches. There is no limitation to one's imagination in the genre of nail art, with the internet being full of aesthetic ideas. Nail art pens give every individual a chance to display a bit of creativity in a simple manicure. The subsequent buying guide focuses on finding the right nail art pens that'll help you to create flawlessly beautiful nail art conveniently.

Finding the right blend of materials

The build material of a nail art pen is one of the determining factors of its durability. One can find plastic, wood, alloy, or acrylic-based material for the body of the pen. These materials are sturdy enough to not disfigure with time, making it easier to use the pen effortlessly. A light-weighted body helps to support comfortable hand movements, while a good grip ensures no slipping of the pen from hands. Generally, they are water-resistant and highly durable. The fine tip of such pens dramatically helps in making subtle, intricate patterns comfortably.

Tips And Bristles

The nail art pens are available in either pen-tips or thin bristles to allow the fine art of creating detailed patterns. The nail-art pens with a tip contain a mixture of water-based formula that can get easily removed. The fineness of the bristles provides excellent resiliency after every stroke and does not shed quickly. The hair on the bristles is generally nylon fibre, making it environmentally-safe. Such firm bristles made of high-quality fibre ensure the long durability of the nail art pen set.

Additional features for convenience

Along with different sizes of tips and bristles on nail art pens, one can also find those with double usage in a single pen. These double-ended tools help create various designs and work as a dotting tool for sticking tiny rhinestones on the nail. For a more speedy way of getting the nails done, one can also find one-step nail art gel pens to make painting nails as easy as possible. These do not require a separate base or a top-coat, eventually saving a lot of time and money.