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Like adults, babies grow nails too. Newborn's fingernails and toenails are soft and more petite. They are usually harmless. But when they have grown too long, parents should consider cutting them. Babies sense know the danger. While playing, there might be chances of scratching themselves. A proper nail care routine can avoid such circumstances.

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During the first few months of raising a newborn, parents learn a lot of new things. Nail care is one of them. Some may suggest biting, which is unsanitary and such advice should be avoided. Trimming nails can avoid accidents. Nails can collect dirt too, so trimming them earlier can be considered good hygiene. There are special nail care kits available designed for a safe and neat nail finish. Following that, this article intends to guide new moms to learn about nail care routines suited for kids.

What to expect in a baby nail care kit?

Manicure tools consist of a nail clipper, scissors and nail files. Parents should buy baby nail care kits. Though the contents are the same, their design is not for everyone. Adult nail care can be dangerous for babies. Baby nail clippers come with a safety guard; this makes it easier and safer for parents to trim their nails without worries

Step by step manicure tips

Before starting the nail care routine, clean their fingers with warm soapy water and pat dry. Trimming after washing their hands makes the nail softer and easier to cut. Keep the child on your lap or chair and press down the pad of their finger. The nails move away from the skin, letting the parent trim them easily. Trim slowly so as not to startle the child. Apply lotion after trimming.

Step by step pedicure for babies

Just like fingernails, babies have toenails too. Unlike fingernails, toenails tend to grow quite slowly. Wash your babies' legs before starting to trim. Cut them slowly. If the nails are not long enough, use a nail file. If your child has an ingrown nail, soak their legs in a warm soap solution for few minutes every day until they come out of the skin.

Baby nail problems

In the process of trimming, the baby can get annoyed, bored or worse, get scared. Polite ones start crying, while the active ones start wailing and moving. To avoid such instances, one parent can distract the kid meanwhile the other cuts the nail. Try soothing them by singing or talking stories. Stop trimming when your child cries. Wait till they finish. If any injuries happen, clean and sanitise the wound.

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