Top 12 Nail Dryers

Nobody remembers the time when we had to blow-dry our nails for hours. Nail dryers are available in various power consumption, drying time, bulb life and design options. One can opt for mini dryer or larger dryers according to their terms.

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Drying nails can be stressful as the slightest smudge or smear can ruin the look and waste every second of your patience. Nail dryers are specific at their job and preserve your nail art more conveniently within a few seconds.

Polish specific dryers

LED lamps work only for gel polish that has specific LED photo-initiators. On the other hand, a UV nail lamp works for every sort of photo-initiated polish. Thus, UV lamps make the best option for working professionals or individuals who deal with a wide range of gel polishes.

Most convenient Drying time

A UV lamp covers more wavelengths than LED lamps focussing on a narrower range. A LED lamp cures faster than a UV lamp. On an average, a UV lamp can take up to 5 minutes to fix the same number of the polish layer that a LED lamp can cure in 2 minutes. Curing time also depends on the thickness of the gel layer. LED takes a minimum of 30 seconds to dry a single layer while a UV lamp takes 90 seconds. Make it a point to check preset timers on the device; usually, dryers are available with three timer modes: 14s, 30s, 45s, 60s or 90s timers. A few brands offer motion sensor timers that operate automatically.

Power options available

Dryers with high power are more efficient and demand less drying time. UV  dryers press more power for achieving the same result as the LED dryer. For UV dryers power consumption less than 20W is not justified while for LED dryers, the specification must exceed at least 12W.

Compare the Bulb life

LED lamps are more durable than UV lamps and require lesser maintenance than a UV nail lamp. UV dryers can give 1000 hours of drying time and demand replacement every six months. In contrast, an LED nail dryer can work for 50,000 hours without replacement. LED nail lamps are more expensive than UV lamps, but they are a one-time investment.

Choose an appropriately sized dryer

There are many designs with a foundation for only 4 fingers. That limits you to dry the thumb separately, which increases the cure time. However, for adult hands or people who want to wrap up the work within a single round, can go for lamps with a larger dimension. Larger dryers can suitably fit both hand and foot fingers. However, they are not as portable as a mini nail dryer.