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Nowadays, you do not need to visit a nail salon to get perfectly-shaped and well-manicured/pedicured nails. With the availability of numerous nail files in the market, maintaining well-kept nails has become an in-house job. However, one might find it confusing to choose a particular nail file without a useful guide.

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Nail Files Buying Guide

Nail files are one of the essential components of a nail technician's working kit. Even if you may not enjoy extravagant polishes or pushed-back cuticles, everybody appreciates well-shaped and healthy nails. After a trim, nail filing helps to keep a uniform shape and prevents unnecessary chipping. Nail files, being one of the vital manicure tools, hold the possibility of either making or breaking your nail's look. The given buying guide aims to cover all the basic factors you might need to consider while purchasing nail files.

Choosing the right grit value

The different scales of a nail file's grit value mostly determines its abrasiveness. Coarse nail files with a grit value falling between 80-100 are best for shaping acrylic nail extensions. Medium files (180-220 grit) support shaping and smoothing artificial and natural nails, mainly toenails. Nail files with a grit range of 240-600 grit are ideal for finishing natural nails. Ultra-fine nail files with a 600 and above grit value are an excellent choice for high-quality buffing and shining of nail surfaces.

A material-based perspective for selection

Although picking out a nail file may seem like a simple task, the type of material you choose can also significantly differ. Emery boards are the most commonly-found nail files. These dual-sided files have different grit values on each side and are, therefore, highly efficient. Metal nail files generally have shallow grit values, which can perfectly suit acrylic, artificial, or gel nails. If your nails are weak or soft, ceramic nail files are the ideal choice. Glass files have a grit value that is gentle to natural nails and work on artificial nails.

Electric nail files?

The continuous growth and advancements in technology have provided some of the best features in nail files. Generally found in high-grade nail salons, electric nail files can offer separate benefits not offered by the standard ones. You can enjoy features like speed control, minimal noise, filing of nail areas that are hard to reach, and efficient work quality. Professional nail technicians use this tool to speed up and streamline the nail shaping process.

Nail file shape variants

When it comes to the nail file's shape, it mostly depends on personal preferences. There are many varieties of nail file shapes available, including straight, half-moon, diamond, etc. A straight nail file is ideal for filing edges and lower arch, while the half-moon shape can work best when working around the cuticle area. An electric nail file is generally available in a single form that can suit all nail work types.

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