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Regular pedicure and manicure is the perfect way to care about your hands and feet. It also helps to nourish your nails, enabling them to stay healthy. Nail nippers are an essential part of must-have nail tools to keep your nails in good condition. However, there are numerous elements to keep in mind before purchasing a nail nipper.

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Nail Nippers Buying Guide

No one likes the sight of untidy nails or overgrown cuticles. When buying nail nippers, it's always beneficial to know about the manufacturers' main characteristics in this product. Aside from snipping and trimming the nails, a good-quality nail nipper also helps to remove the dirt. One can also use nail nippers to get rid of the dead skin around the cuticle. However, finding a decent nail nipper in a fair economic range can feel like a cumbersome task. The following buying guide focuses on offering the buyers all the factors one might need to know before purchasing a nail nipper.

Quality-check of the nail nippers

Quality plays a crucial role in the construction of nail nippers. One must always remember to check the kind of materials used in the construction of a nail nipper. Mostly, the best nail nippers get made from stainless steel. Its exceptional steel qualities allow the nail nipper to stay rust-free for a long time. It also does not allow the blades to become blunt over time, thereby keeping the nipper's precision intact. Furthermore, a high-quality nail nipper has blades and springs that one can easily sharpen or replace when required.

Availability of different jaw sizes in nail nippers

A nail nipper is generally available in a wide range of different jaw sizes. The use of these different sizes of nail nippers highly depends on the personal preferences of buyers. The distinct size ranges of a nail nipper's jaw include- full, half, and small. The full-jaw size (7mm) of nail nippers are ideal for large nails, like toenails. Medium-sized ones (5mm) are best for acrylic nails, which offers you the highest precision and a smooth finish. The small ones (3mm) are mostly for removing the dead and dried skin around nails.

Additional features to look out for

While looking for the perfect nail nipper, one should always remember to keep comfort in mind. The handle's length is significant for a better grip and stability while using the nail nipper. One can also choose between a single spring or double springs according to their ease of comfort. A boxed-joint at the end of a nipper offers a more controlled use of the products and a longer lifespan.

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