Top 12 Nail Polish Base Coat

It may be hard to believe, but nail paints have existed since 3000 BC and have their origin in China. Since the cosmetic and beauty industry has evolved so much over the years, a lot has changed in the manufacturing process of nail polish. Besides the formula and ingredients, even the application methods have changed, and of late, there has been wide usage of a nail polish base coat. A base coat is applied the same way a nail paint is, but has to be used on the nail’s base before applying the polish.

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Nail Polish Base Coat Buying Guide

Although a nail polish base coat looks a lot like transparent nail paint, it serves a different purpose – smoothening out the nail’s surface for better application. A base coat also protects your nail beds from the polish’s harmful ingredients/formulas that may sometimes leave behind a yellowish residue. Even better, the base coat can help the nail paint last longer as our nails’ natural oils act as a barrier. So, if you love and frequently use nail polish, buying a base coat polish is an excellent idea – and this guide will explain everything buyers need to know about buying one.

Choose A Trusted Brand

When it comes to cosmetics and beauty products, going with a reputed brand is highly essential, and the same goes for a nail polish base coat. Although picking out a base coat polish doesn’t seem like a bad idea, if the formula used in it isn’t of good quality – you can end up damaging your nails instead of protecting them. Buyers should go with a well-known cosmetic or nail paint brand that uses only the best ingredients in their products and keeps up with all safety standards.

Compatibility with All Types of Nail Paints

The word ‘compatibility’ is not something we often hear when talking about nail paints, but it is of the utmost importance as far as a nail polish base coat is concerned. Today, there are several types of nail polish available in the market, such as gel-based, matte, metallic, glitter, and more. So, no matter which nail-paint you want to use – the base coat should be compatible with it. However, except for the different kinds of nail paints, a nail polish base coat must also work on acrylic/artificial nails and nail art products. 

Two-In-One Nail Polish Base Coat

Besides the base coat, another popular product that improves a nail paint’s application is a top-coat – applied after/on top of the coloured polish. Even a top-coat can extend the life of the nail paint’s colour and gives an added shine. So, instead of just buying a nail polish base coat, buyers can go with two-in-one base and top coat nail paint. Some brands even offer additional treatment products like nail primers and dehydrators, which are great for that extra nourishment and care.