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An essential part of using artificial nails for a long time is to keep the nails neat and clean and to avoid any kind of fungal infections. Overusing acrylic nails can result in nail damage or direct injuries. Therefore, it's always good to give a break to your natural nails and restore their health by applying nail repair serums or oils.

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Substandard nail maintenance can result in weak or brittle nails. It could even grow into a fungal nail infection. The use of artificial acrylic nails requires constant care and proper maintenance for our fingernails' prime health. Splitting, cracking, or peeling due to improper diet, washing-up without gloves, etc., are some of the other factors that result in nail damage. Nail treatment serums serve as a solution for every kind of nail problem, including repairing, rebuilding, strengthening, and maintaining. Below is a buying guide aiming to offer the buyers comprehensive help in picking the best nail repair product.

An abundance of healthy ingredients

Fungal nail infections are quite common, requiring proper treatment that can last for a long time. Nail repair serums are generally a blend of hydrator mixed with strengtheners (like keratin or collagen) and exfoliating acids. A right combination of natural extracts with antioxidants delivers excellent results of hardening, hydrating, and nourishing. Almond oil, jojoba seed oil, argan seed oil, melaleuca leaf oil, etc., are some of the widely found natural ingredients in fungal infection treatment solutions. The healthy mix of vitamins and iron has numerous therapeutic benefits, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and moisturising properties.

Safety of the chemical ingredients

Nail strengtheners and repair serums often use a range of different chemicals, which is essential for the restoration of a nail's natural health.  Typically, the chemicals that go into a nail repair serum or strengthener include ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, nitrocellulose, formaldehyde resin, phthalic acid, and hydrolysed protein. These highly-safe ingredients can easily penetrate inside a nail's structure, ultimately preventing breaking or splitting. Aside from protecting nails, such nail repair serums can also act as a base coat to prevent staining or discolouration.

Vegan and cruelty-free products

When it comes to buying cosmetics and serums, environmentally-safe products have a large customer base. Along with fully chemical-free organic nail repair serums, there is also a large availability of cruelty-free nail repair solutions in the market. Vegan nail repair serums ensure no use of any kind of animal-derived ingredients, whereas a cruelty-free seal means that the product didn't get tested on animals. One can check a product for the use of internationally-known symbols to recognise a vegan product while buying nail repair serums.

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