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Whether you are a professional nail artist or just a beginner, you need nail rhinestones in your accomplices as a tool to add dimension to your art. These stones are produced in multiple shapes and sizes to fit into every design you create.

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Rhinestones are made of high-quality glass, finely cut with regular edges. They have light reflecting effects that makes the nails shine and adds glittery touch to the nail art. 


Rhinestones are available as flat-based and non-flat based crystals. A flat bottom doesn’t let the stone to easily fall-off. These matte-bottomed stones offer a firmer adhesive. Typical rhinestones need nail glue or rhinestone glue gel to stick. The rhinestone glue gel dries instantly and needs to be cured under a nail lamp. For a low wattage lamp, more cure time is required. A Swarovski rhinestone can be reused as adhesives do not damage it. For medium to large size stones tweezer can be used while a wax pencil can be employed for tiny stones. The gel offers flexibility and lets you smoothly adjust the stone around for better alignment.

Shapes and Sizes

Rhinestones are available in crystal AB colour and clear transparent colour. The AB coating is attached firmly to the exterior surface of each stone. The stones are multi-shaped and neatly presented in a transparent box with multiple compartments for more select composition and storage. The standard shapes offered in rhinestones are raindrop, cosmic, mermaid, navette, round, heart, flame, rhombus, and diamond. The flat back rhinestones are available in 6 sizes, SS4, SS6, SS8, SS10, SS12, and SS16. The SS4 measures 1.5mm in diameter, SS6 2.0mm, SS8 2.3mm, SS10 2.7mm, SS12 3.0mm, and SS16 3.8.

Swarovski and other rhinestones

A Swarovski rhinestone has a well-textured, even bottom surface that provides better adhesion. When a glass rhinestone may lose its glitter by the end of a week, an original Swarovski crystal will still shine for days. They have the perfect same cut edge. Glass rhinestones are now manufactured in a large number. Unlike Swarovski crystal, a glass crystal varies in quality. A high-quality glass rhinestone owns durable sparkle that can last for 1-2 weeks. On the other hand, plastic stones have an uneven, non-textured bottom surface that may not adhere well. They don’t possess the bright shine as seen in Swarovski or glass rhinestone.

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