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Strong & healthy nails speak volumes about our health, appearance & self-care routine. While working on our computers or opening a can of vegetables, or scratching a coupon, our nails bear the brunt of many germs & bacteria. They protect our hands & act as a natural barrier against environmental pollutants. Hence, it is essential to take proper nail care to maintain their health & nail treatment products are available to help with this need.

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Nail Treatments Buying Guide

Always getting a professional manicure or pedicure done is not possible due to time constraint & several other factors. Therefore, proper home care products to ensure nail-care are pertinent to achieve strong & beautiful nails that make a statement. The nail treatment products serve different needs & a quick look into their features will help you select the one that meets your buying needs.

Useful in healing fungal infections

Your fingernails & especially toenails are exposed to a lot of bacteria & dust. Hence, these areas are prone to developing fungal infections & un-pleasant odours. There are nail treatment fluids that penetrate into the nails to fight infection & also prevent its recurrence. These products are made of natural oils, are clinically tested & hence are safe to use. Many times, nails look discoloured & de-formed due to lack of hydration. These treatments also help in reducing the dryness & make your nails stronger. Thus, they ensure healthy & beautiful nails at the comfort of your home.

Help reduce nail brittleness

Nails often get chipped or split during our regular activities. Even if, one fingernail gets a little dis-figured, it ruins the entire look. Hence, your effort behind trimming & applying a nice nail polish goes in vain. Generally, fragile nails get damaged easily & thus need a protective cover to improve their strength. Therefore, there are nail treatment products that help in hardening the nails. These products are available in nude shades & two to three coats need to be applied. They provide a shiny gloss to your nails & you can also use your favourite nail polish afterwards.

Excellent aid for home care & helpful in preventing nail-biting

There are cuticle oils to maintain the health of your cuticles & nails. Using these oils periodically will help reduce nail brittleness. Removing cuticles can be tricky & you may end up hurting your nails if not done correctly. Hence, there are ultra-fast cuticle gels that soften the cuticles for easy removal. They can cut your home manicure or pedicure time to half & help you get the feel of a professional salon. Nail-biting is a bad habit & can be uncontrollable. Some products are designed to discourage this habit & offer a bitter taste when in contact with saliva.