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Logic gates execute a Boolean function on one or more binary inputs to give a single binary output. They are used in a variety of ways. NAND logic gates, for instance, are used in doorbells and burglar alarms. They can even be used to make a computer. Look out for a few aspects while purchasing a NAND logic gate.

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NAND Logic Gates Buying Guide

A NAND logic gate performs the inverse of an AND gate. An AND gate gives an output of 1 when both input values are 1. NAND gate does the opposite-when both input values are 1, it gives the output 0. It produces a false output only if all its inputs are true. It is defined as an electronic circuit that takes logical decisions depending on its inputs, i.e., digital signals. A NAND logic gate can help build other logic gates. Consider a few factors while buying a NAND logic gate.

Specifics of the logic gate

Look at the details, the fine print. Check the power dissipation, power supply voltage, input current and voltage, number of inputs and circuits, and other details. You might miss out on some small detail that will end up in errors later on. Hence, make a point to examine everything.

Does it meet your standards?

Having a beautiful finish is nice but not enough. Make sure the NAND logic gate you purchase conforms to strict standards. There is no question of compromising with the precision of a logic gate. Its accuracy should be unquestionable.

Look for powerful performance

You can use a NAND logic gate even to build a whole computer. No matter what you plan to use it for, it is necessary to have a NAND logic that delivers powerful performance to ensure the smooth functioning of the gadget. Look for logic gates that promise to perform well for a considerable period; you want them to be durable as well.

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