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A woman during pregnancy is known to go through waves of emotion. To cheer her up, what else is better than a special party showering her with love, attention and gifts; a baby shower. Aside from showing love, traditional gifts like baby clothes, maternity clothes, and cutely designed nappy cakes will bring a smile to the mother.

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In some traditions, baby showers are conducted in the seventh month. Close friends and family gather together and give the mother a present to symbolise their love for her and welcome the child. Nappy cakes are nappies stacked like cakes tied with pretty ribbons. They also have cute gifts inside them. If you've never heard of nappy cakes or searching for a unique baby shower gift, this guide will be a huge help.

What are nappy cakes made of?

As the name suggests, nappy cakes are made of nappies. About 50 to 60 nappies are stacked in a circular shape and tied around with eye-catching colourful ribbons. They are arranged in multiple rows, making it look like a cake. Nappy cakes are not only a bunch of nappies. They also come with little gifts hidden inside them. The cakes are made of nappies of premium quality brands, so the buyer can rest assured knowing that nappy cakes are both unique and valuable.

Little surprises inside the nappy cake

Aside from nappies, they can also contain other baby gifts. Custom designed nappy cakes are also available. Small baby accessories or essential needs can also be added. Gifts like baby wash clothes, pacifiers, towels, bottles and skincare products are good choices. Adding adorable gifts makes your present stand out more.

Why should you choose nappy cakes?

Amidst common gifts like baby clothes, skincare, and toys, nappy cakes stand out more. Nappy cakes are pretty big and unique in appearance. They will be the centre of attention. Since they also come with little surprises, the mother to be will fall in love with them. After the baby is born, the mother would need many nappies, so a nappy cake is a good and valuable gift.

Nappy cakes can be presented anytime

Nappy cakes are not gifts specially made for baby showers. They can also be given as a welcome home gift for the baby. Also, if the buyer happens to miss the event, they can send the nappy cake through the mail. Some parents use nappy cakes on gender reveal occasions too. A newborn requires many nappies during the first few months, so a nappy cake symbolises a thoughtful, practical gift.

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