Top 12 Nappy Changing Bags

Travelling anywhere with your infant or toddler isn’t easy and requires one to carry loads of stuff. However, one thing no parent leaves the house without are nappies, and loads of them. But along with diapers, there are ten other things one needs, including a changing pad, wipes, rash cream/ointment, a fresh change of clothes, and disposable bags for dirty nappies. The most convenient way to carry all such essentials and everything you need on-the-go is a nappy changing bag – and all parents should invest in one.

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Nappy Changing Bags Buying Guide

Although nappy changing bags are primarily used to store baby products, they have sufficient space to hold other personal items such as a wallet or phone charger. Many people prefer packing home-cooked food & pre-prepared milk for their kids and a diaper bag can be useful for such purposes too. It also makes the ideal gift for new parents or someone throwing a baby shower. There are several choices from nappy changing backpacks to tote bags and satchels in many beautiful designs. But first, this guide will highlight everything potential buyers should know of.

Spacious Storage Compartments are Essential

To get the most out of a nappy changing bag, buyers should go with one that is spacious and has sufficient compartments so you can conveniently carry everything you need. The bag must have at least two main compartments and a few insulated pockets to store feeding bottles. Additionally, some side and small pockets are essential and can be used to store anything, including wipes, tissues, mobile chargers, etcetera. A changing pad pocket is also vital and should be big enough to hold laptops/tablets.  Some bags even come with a key loop and pacifier case, giving you additional storage space.

Look for Durability and Comfort

Buyers need to make sure that the nappy changing bag they choose is made with a strong, durable, tear-resistant and lightweight fabric for long-lasting use. Similarly, one should go for waterproof bags with strong zippers and non-fraying stitching. You also need to ensure that the bag’s straps/handles are cushioned, padded, and comfortable to evenly distribute the load on your shoulders & back and for prolonged wear. Moreover, one must look for built-in buggy clips or straps to conveniently attach the nappy changing bag to a stroller or pushchair when not in use.

Bonus Features to Consider

Even though sufficient storage space and high-quality construction are all we look for in nappy changing bags, there are more features buyers can take advantage of. For instance, some bags come included with an easy-to-clean and foldable changing pad, which is an essential product. On the other hand, few nappy changing bags come with a built-in USB charging port so you can charge your phone even when on the go. A separate waterproof compartment for wet towels or clothes is also an added feature one can consider.