Top 12 Nappy Creams

Taking care of their little baby is the most cherished moment for every parent. They want the best for their cute angel & hence the baby-care products are made with the utmost caution, keeping the health & safety standards in-tact. Additionally, the baby's skin is super-sensitive & prone to rashes which mostly happens in the nappy area. Hence, nappy creams are available to provide comfort to your little one.

Nappy Creams Buying Guide

Even the best disposable diapers leave certain moisture & extended exposure to wet nappies can cause itchiness to your baby's tender skin. Regular nappy wear also causes the skin to irritate, making your baby extremely uncomfortable & stay up all night. These irritations can also lead to skin infections if untreated. Therefore, nappy creams are essential to cure any redness & also moisturise the diaper area to prevent dryness. Over & above, they enhance the natural protective barrier of the skin.

How to prevent a nappy rash?

The perfect way to deal with a nappy rash is to prevent one. Certain nappy creams are made of all the natural ingredients like almond oil, coconut oil, etc. These are especially suited for new-born babies as a regular cream to avoid any nappy rash or other skin infection. These products are an ideal gifting option for your pregnant friends.  There are also diaper brushes available for easy application of these creams.

Contain essential oils & can be used for facial skin

These nappy creams are fragrance-free & hence will not irritate your baby's olfactory senses in any way. Vitamin E is a great nourishing agent for dry skin. Certain nappy creams contain this nutrient & can be used mainly for babies whose skin is prone to dryness. Some are suited for curing skin affected with eczema. These can also be applied to the face or any part of the body. Some creams act as a mild anaesthetic, which helps provide relief from the pain & irritation & aid in getting a good night's sleep for your little one.

A Few recommendations before application

It is essential to read all the directions on the product's package before using it. In case of any doubt, it is better to talk to your pharmacist or doctor. The frequency of applying will depend on the particular product & condition of the affected skin. Before application, it is pertinent to clean the nappy area properly & let it dry. Certain nappy creams help in nourishing the skin. It is better to apply a thin layer of such creams for added comfort during the night when the diaper is on for the longest time.